Our Tiles

Handmade Stoneware Tiles

Our handmade tiles are unlike any other, no two tiles are alike.  Every order we take is different from the last.  From the idea phase to final instillation, we make every tile custom, perfect for you. Grouted or not, patterned or smooth, neutral or flashy, we can make something for your space that no one else will ever have.  You can take pride knowing that our handmade stoneware or porcelain tiles are art made especially for you.  Browse our samples and tell us what you like.  We welcome any feedback.  We work with individuals, designers, and corporate clients.  Our tiles are durable for any indoor or outdoor space.  Mosaic or field tile, we’re able to make it all.  We roll our clay, carve our own patterns, and glaze each handmade tile.  We are a team unlike any other.

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